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Castellan Group are worldwide distributors of drills & parts for the civil engineering and construction industries

We have evolved our product line into a comprehensive range of concrete equipment used for the construction, repair and maintenance of roads, bridges, canals, tunnels & sea defences.

More recently the range has been extended to include hot & cold applied sealant insertion machines and the supply of the sealant material as well.

EZ's high-quality concrete drills and dowel drilling machines deliver maximum accuracy so you and your crews can do the job once, do it right and move on. From airport runway expansions, lane additions, full-depth repair patching to gas leak pinpointing we have the solution to met your needs. For your business, that means greater efficiency, higher productivity and more profit potential.

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drill bits and steel for the job

Pavement Maintenance ExpertsFrom motorway repairs to airport
runway repair we have you covered

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