Multi-gang concrete drills offer maximum efficiency for projects with a larger number of holes to drill, or a limited time schedule to complete the work, such as large airport expansions, adding additional runways, significant lane additions and highway full depth repair. Though the multi-gang drills are larger, they are compact enough to operate in a 4-foot patch while drilling as deep as 18 inches and within 6 inches of a corner. Adjustable spacing can be set between 12 and 36 inches, with greater width settings available through custom orders.

The multi-gang slab riders operate on top of the concrete slab, which provides optimum accuracy and eliminates disturbance of the subgrade. An optional on-grade conversion kit allows the drill to operate from the subgrade when the top of a slab is not available. For additional versatility, the slab-rider models can drill vertically after just a few adjustments. In addition to versatility, the multi-gang concrete drills offer easy maneuverability thanks to a combination of foam-filled tires and patented tri-steering.

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